All Dartex products are suitable for the lateral lining of 3in to 12in diameter pipes. Relatively low air pressures are now required to invert the pipes. This method of renewal provides a structural, jointless, and non-leaking service lateral pipe with improved flow rates. The linings can be installed using a PVC or Urethane bladder or inverted directly and held in place with hot water or steam. The liner is vacuum impregnated with a liquid thermoset resin. If a bladder is used for installation this  is removed after curing.




Darflex  liners are renowned for their ease of installation, which can significantly lower the overall cost of the pipe rehabilitation. The products are also ideal for their ease of installation because the knitted polyester textiles and carefully formulated polyurethane coating are excellent for negotiating up to 90 degree bends. Competitor felt products are not recommended for installations with bends.

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