Dartex Coatings has developed a new product for the CIPP potable water market. This product is strong enough to deliver water at the required pressure and does not have any undesirable effect on the quality of the water. This leakproof liner fabric composes a polyurethane elastomer barrier and a polyester knit absorbent backing for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipe systems by conventional cured-in-place methods that utilise an epoxy resin impregnant.

Features and Benefits

This product offers excellent resin holding capacity in a highly durable and flexible liner. Darflex H2O easily conforms to 90 degree bends and can be inverted and cured under 5PSI without callibration tube.

As well as being 100% waterproof, super flexible, highly resistant to abrasion and possessing high stretch and conformability Darflex H2O was submitted for testing by an independent laboratory and was found to comply with ANSI/NSF61 2010a, section 5.