Dartex coated liners are ideal for repairing service laterals. Access limitations including landscaping and existing sub-surface structures make digging pits extremely difficult. The 2in to 12in pipes used for domestic and industrial laterals make this an ideal application for structural CIPP repairs. As CIPP is normally installed from the main sewer, it is possible to form a watertight seal at the junction which can provide a 50 year design life.

Features and Benefits

Highly flexible and conformable, absorbent barrier fabrics with excellent durability. Seam tapeable, high slip, matte finish.

Available with polyester low or high pile knit. Manufactured in 3 layers and 2 passes to ensure pin hole free.

Installation costs are lower than slip lining, spiral lining, grouting or trenching.

New liners can increase the hydraulic capacity of the lateral as they are smoother and cover displaced joints and fractures. Excess resin used in the inversion process migrates into joints and voids, mechanically locking the liner in place.