With over 20 years of experience in mastering transfer coating and custom lamination  technology Dartex Coatings has the equipment, technical know-how and innovative approaches to help make your outdoor garments the best available. Our custom-built equipment combined with proprietary processes and exceptional knowledge of polyurethane chemistry allows us to offer an excellent blend of performance applications in your specialized market. 

Our precision controlled technology enables Dartex to create materials with consistent properties made to your specifications. Here are a few examples of our coating processes;


  •  1200 Process - This process combines two flexible substrates and is ideal for outerwear, outdoor apparel, gloves, military and orthopedic uses. Fabrics produced using this method are perfect for regular laundering, have a very soft hand, moderate barrier properties and moderate vapor transmission rates.


  •  1200 S Process – A patented process that is similar to the 1200 Process but where accurate control of air permeability is required and therefore produces very high moisture vapor transmission rates.


  • 1200 QC Process – A patented process that maximizes adhesive coverage while retaining substrate porosity. This process produces highly breathable textile laminates with excellent liquid barrier properties. An ideal solution for high quality outdoor apparel and military requirements.