Products and Performance


 Dartex® Exoskin® is a unique polyurethane film with superior water-resistant and abrasion resistance properties that can be supplied as a membrane or coated textile.Ideal for use in the healthcare industry where high levels of wear and tear are expected, such as orthotics and prosthetics,In accelerated aging tests, Exoskin® is proven to withstand the equivalent of 4 years continual use.Exoskin® is also an excellent choice for outdoor wear products, such as cycling clothing or dry suits, as it can withstand more than 1000 hours of accelerated weathering exposure – at least five times longer than conventional films or coatings.Exoskin® has up to 400% stretching capability and recovery; withstanding up to 5000lbs of tensile stress per square inch. This allows products to hold their shape once stretched.The stretch properties make it ideal for moulding applications, such as prosthetics or dry suits. Applications are wide-ranging, and can include:
 Dry suits / wetsuits
/medical braces
/ prosthetics   
/ wheelchairs

Typically supplied on nylon Lycra Tricot, the Exoskin® membrane can also be laminated to a wide range of other fabrics.

Process Capability and Applications

Waterproof Garments such as Coated Fleece which is favored in the water sports industry. The Polyurethane layer traps water against the skin, insulating the body and preventing evaporative cooling (particularly appreciated in cold water). 100% waterproof, using Dartex® film and adhesive.

Wind Shield Garments; transfer coating polyurethane and laminated films can render any fabric totally impenetrable to wind. Perfect for use in a variety of active sport applications which have wind chill issues such as sailing, kayaking and cycling

Extra Warmth; Dartex is continually developing revolutionary new products developed for close fitting protective comfort and warmth.

Active Body Fit; We have the know how to create materials that stress created in active sports but still allow complete comfort and movement. Essential properties for the outdoor enthusiast

Stretch and Recovery;  Combining our coating technology with a modular substrate provides the end product with ultimate stretch and recovery properties, easing motion and providing comfort. Garments made from this range will retain their shape and ultimately prolonging the longevity.

Dartex breathable PU coated films provide excellent moisture vapour transmission to dissipate heat and reduce perspiration when the wearer is active.

Controlled Air Permeability; Through our patented process a controlled amount of air is allowed to pass through the fabric and garment at low rates to dissipate heat and perspiration whilst keeping you still warm.